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Customer Reviews add “Social Proof” and authenticity to your Company and the products you offer.  By creating a Google Customer Review system and streaming those 5-Star Google Reviews to your Website Home Page can create ongoing benefits to your company and future sales.  How?  Consumers rely on Customer Reviews from prior Customers to determine if the product or service they are considering will be a benefit to them.  By “streaming” you Google Reviews to your Website Home Page, all of your Website Visitors will see your 5-Star Rating.  

This helps answer the question in the mind of every Consumer buying a product or service… “Can I have the confidence that the product or service I’m considering perform as advertised?”  Look at Amazon, as an example, all of their products offer Customer Reviews of every product.  Actually, Amazon has said that implementing Customer Reviews for all of their products has been one of the main reasons for their success.  So if a Customer Review strategy is good for Amazon, shouldn’t it be good for your company?


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