Use Facebook Ads to Promote your Contracting Company

Social media has changed the way Contractors – big and small – communicate and promote their business to the public.

At first glance, you wouldn’t compare posting cute cat pictures with a Contractor Company, but Social Media and Facebook have a common theme, and that is both communicate to their respective audience with a designated purpose. 

Social Media is here to stay, and Contractors and Construction companies that implement social media strategies as part of their business model will benefit from an increased awareness of their brand and the public will learn the type(s) of work your company specializes in.  Facebook is versatile platform with over 2.6 billion Facebook users and offers another connection method to your vendors, clients and prospects.

The graphic below shows the explosive growth of Facebook users in 2020 since 2008.

Question:  So how can a Contractor use Facebook to get more Leads, Customers and Brand Awareness? 

Answer:   with Facebook Ads!

Facebook Ads for Contractors

Contractors can benefit from Facebook Ads, with this in mind:

  • Correct Audience Targeting: via Location, Interest and/or Re-Targeting
  • Demonstrate the quality of your work with Images and Videos
  • Having a strong and clear “Call-to-Action” to the person reading your Ad

Audience Targeting

One of the most important steps with Facebook Ads is to dial-in your Target Audience.  For example, a Roofing Contractor targeting people in an area that recently was hit by a tornado or hail storm, you have the potential to have a successful campaign. 

If a Roofing Contractor would target new homeowners as an audience, it would be less likely this campaign would be successful.

You can also target audiences with a particular interest. As an example, people who are possibly interested in a future kitchen remodeling project, likely follow Facebook pages like or follow remodeling shows like “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines or “Love It or List It”, etc…

Use Images and Videos

Use the power of Facebook with visual proof of your work.  Use before and after pictures of recent projects. 

If you have a smartphone, take a 15-60 second quick video of a project in process.  Show the different stages of the progress from start to finish. 

Then run a Facebook Ad and offer the ability to have someone watch the different videos you recorded.  Ask them to opt-in with their email to watch. 

YAY!!!, now you have an email of a prospect interested in a future remodeling project.  Certainly, someone that rents an apartment, is less likely to take the time to opt-in to a list and watch remodeling videos.

It can also be effective to use video recorded testimonials in your Facebook Ads.  Nothing is stronger than a testimonial of a happy customer.


In your Ad make sure you give the person directions on the next step with a strong call-to-action message.   If you are offering a free guide on kitchen remodeling, make sure you tell them, at least once, how to get the free guide. 

Tell them to “Click the button below” or call this number by 5pm on Friday, etc…   Don’t take for granted that the reader of your Ad will know what to do.

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