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Pinterest is a visual social media platform that allows people to create and share various ideas and interests.  This platform has grown in popularity since its founding in 2010 and currently has over 322 million users.

How can Pinterest be a benefit to Contractors?

The Remodeling Industry has changed a lot over the last 10 years.  Social Media and the Internet now allows the homeowner looking to remodel their home the ability to research and plan weeks, months, if not a year ahead of hiring a Contractor.  It use to be the Remodeling Contractor’s job to present ideas, but now consumers are coming in-hand with a plan and an idea of what they want.  And Pinterest is an online tool often used by consumers to collect ideas on designs and products to be used in their upcoming project.  60% of Pinterest “Pinners” use the website for home decor and design ideas.

For the Remodeling Contractor, leveraging the use of Pinterest can bring in new Customers and big paydays.   


- 87% of active Pinterest users have purchased a product because of what they saw on the Pinterest platorm.
- 93% of Pinterest "Pinners" have used the platorm to plan for future purchase(s).

You may be saying to yourself, “I already post and manage a Facebook page, is this worth implementing?”  The answer is “YES”, Pinterest is actually better at inspiring consumers to make purchases than Facebook.  Because of Pinterest current low-popularity among Contractors, Pinterest Ads are a very cost-effective tool to generate leads and brand awareness for you company.  

Pinterest Ads also allow you to setup specific targeting to help you target your ideal prospect.  You can get the best of both worlds with Google Ads – by targeting consumers based on their past search history and Facebook Ads – by targeting consumers based on demographics like age range, location and gender. 

Another great benefit of Pinterest is that pins are designed to last for as long as you want….. only you set a deadline for the pin or post.  Only limitation is that you can not reference anything for “free”.   Many case studies have proven that Pinterest Ads bring in more traffic, email subscribers, and more actual sales than Facebook Ads.

Facebook has been a popular advertising choice for many Contractors, but while other Contractors are attempting to out-bid each other for Ad space, which ends up making Facebook Ads expensive, you can leverage Pinterest Ads and will likely see a lower cost per lead and new Customer acquisition cost.

Benefits of using Pinterest Ads

  • Untapped Market
  • Less Competition on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Ads Cost less than other Social Media platforms
  • Laser Targeting, based on keywords and demographics
  • Fantastic Analytics offered (for free) to track results
  • Pins can last forever – 80% of content is re-pinned for future reference

Pinterest Ad Campaigns come in different types:

Engagement Campaigns:  you pay when a Pinterest user engages with you promoted pin (ie clicks, likes, re-pins, expands)

Traffic Campaigns:  you pay when a Pinterest user clicks your promoted pin and visits your website (ideal method for Remodeling Sales)

Awareness Campaigns:  you pay per impression (number of users who see your promoted pin).  Ideal method to demostrate a recent completed project and create brand awareness in your target marketing area. 

How much do Pinterest Ads Cost?

Similar to Google Ads, Pinterest Ads use the cost-per-click (CPC) bidding method.  This can be budget friendly because you only pay enough to out-bid the next bidder.  Since Pinterest is not as well known by other Contractors, the bids are typically lower that Facebook Ads and Google Ads – in some cases significantly lower.

For your protection, you have the ability to set maximums to your bids.


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